Increasingly, many families have air-con units installed in their homes. The ubiquitous household appliance is now becoming a necessity, but with it comes the need for regular maintenance and servicing. The need for air-con servicing can be a boon or bane to some, but everyone can agree that a unit functioning below optimal levels is an annoyance. At Rodex Engineering, we understand your frustration. Thus we ensure that our scope of work covers your requirements adequately, at the best value.

Clean & Check

  • Air Filter
  • Front Panel
  • Cover
  • Drainage Tray
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Fan Bearing / Lubrication
  • Compressor Suction & Discharge Pressure

Filter Works

  • Deodorise and Purify
  • Antibacterial Spray


  • Vacuum drainage system
  • Gas top up (additional charge)
  • Tighten electrical contacts