At Rodex, we offer a range of services for your air-conditioning at home, or at your workplace at competitive prices. Get the best value today, when you request for a quote!
Increasingly, many families have air-con units installed in their homes. The ubiquitous household appliance is now becoming a necessity, but with it comes the need for regular maintenance and servicing. The need for air-con servicing can be a boon or bane to some, but everyone can agree that a unit functioning below optimal levels is an annoyance. At Rodex Engineering, we understand your frustration. Thus we ensure that our scope of work covers your requirements adequately, at the best value.

Clean & Check

  • Air Filter
  • Front Panel
  • Cover
  • Drainage Tray
  • Evaporator Coil
  • Fan Bearing / Lubrication
  • Compressor Suction & Discharge Pressure

Filter Works

  • Deodorise and Purify
  • Antibacterial Spray


  • Vacuum drainage system
  • Gas top up (additional charge)
  • Tighten electrical contacts
Sometimes, it isn’t enough to opt for a simple servicing of your air-con unit. Occasionally, you might encounter a situation where the dirt in the air-conditioner accumulates to a point where only chemical cleaning can solve your problems. The chemical reagent will aid in removing all the dirt in each dismantled part of your unit, and your pipes will be flushed with a chemical solution. Our Chemical Cleaning Service includes:
  • Refrigerant top-up
  • Full dismantling of air-con unit
  • Complete cleaning of indoor cooler unit
  • Complete cleaning of parts and outdoor unit
Your air-conditioner has a lifespan of close to 15 years, but with consistent maintenance and servicing to ensure that your unit’s motors run efficiently without excessive stress, a good quality unit can last for approximately 20 years. If you have a unit that has lasted a long period of time without maintenance, it is highly likely that it needs a chemical overhaul. How we do it:
  • Conduct inspection on thermostat and temperature control functions
  • Chemical cleaning of pipes, drain pans, and blower wheel
  • Lubrication of fan-bearings to minimize noise
  • Changing of bearings to smoothen operation and minimize noise
  • Cleaning fan evaporator coil to eliminate accumulation of dirt
Air-conditioning units need to be installed with the proper skills and technical know-how. It involves a copious amount of planning to guarantee that the system operates smoothly and without hiccups. Installation of air-con units need to consider a few things:
  • Proper insulation
  • Energy-efficiency of the system
  • Clean installation
More often than not, some customers encounter problems with the initial installation of their air-conditioning units. At Rodex Engineering Pte Ltd, our technicians have over 10 years of experience in the business, and can be depended upon for an end-to-end installation that will put your air-con unit into operation in no time. Should there be any problems after the installation, our after-sales service will make sure that your problems will be solved as quickly as possible.
Your air-con experiences daily use, and is inclined to accumulate dirt, grime and other substances that would reduce its overall efficiency and reduce its average lifespan. To help you ensure that your air-con works through what it is worth, to preserve its lifespan and maximise its use, we provide maintenance contracts so that your air-conditioning unit receives proper care and attention at regular intervals. We also provide you the necessary advice in avoiding common problems and optimising its performance with proper care and use. Our yearly maintenance contract includes:
  • Professional technicians providing regular servicing and maintenance
  • Conducting repairs on damaged or faulty parts to avoid future major repairs or additional installation
  • Enhance cooling performance and sustaining your desired temperature in your home throughout the year
  • Solve any problems just in time, without delay