About Us

Rodex Engineering Pte Ltd was born out of a necessity to bring a refreshing chill to the air in Singapore.

Air-conditioning has become an integral part of our daily lives. Especially with rising global temperatures, the island we call home gets a fair dose of heat waves every now and then. That is when we just want to stay away from the heat, and cool ourselves down with air-conditioning.

But what happens when our air-conditioning units fail us? That’s where Rodex Engineering Pte Ltd steps in.

A bright, dynamic and driven company, we deal with: servicing, maintenance, cleaning, installation & overhaul of air-con units. Read about our services here.

We serve everyone across the island, be it a residential, commercial, industrial unit. With our highly experienced technicians in tow, we are able to diagnose your air-con problems, and provide an appropriate solution.

Our service standards will always guarantee your satisfaction, as we perform every task to completion with responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness.


All our technicians have an extensive experience of over 10 years in the air-con industry.


We can’t stand delays, and we know you dislike them too. That’s why we follow a policy to respond to your needs as quickly as possible.


Our air-con servicing package also comes with a 1-month warranty, giving you peace of mind when you choose us.


There’s nowhere we won’t go, just say the word and we’ll be there!


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  • To bring end-to-end services for your air-conditioning needs
  • To be the most reliable leader in the industry
  • To continually assert the Rodex Formula of 3Rs:
    • Readiness – To always be ready to attend to you
    • Reliable – To continuously garner respect in the industry as a reliable and trustworthy air-conditioning service provider
    • Rejuvenate – To bring a bout of fresh cool air to every home or workplace.


  • To bring a refreshing chill to your air, with minimal periods or air-conditioning downtime for all our clients
  • Keeping you cool and comfortable
Our warranty for our services extends to 1 month after servicing. Within a month, should there be any further issues with your air-con unit, we will provide free servicing. Our response times are one of the quickest in the industry, between 2 hours to 1 day(s). Should you require ad-hoc advice over the phone, we are always available at +65 68443363. We also provide insurance cover for our services.